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While you may not agree, with my own: Biblical, Historical, and Spiritual Conclusions, the effort will undoubtedly broaden your mind... and isn't that, in itself, a good thing? The scripture clearly states: "As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend." - in Proverbs 27: 17. And, it is my own personal intention - through your own personal friendship - to sharpen as many, as I conceivably can....

As His Watchman, I can do no less.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

If you really want to Know Your Own Enemy, then you absolutely must consider The Concept Of Divide And Conquer... since, that ( quite frankly ) is: ' The Devil's Very Own Strategy '!

" Be Ye As Wise As All Of Those Serpents "....
In my own new study series, entitled Know Your Own Enemy, I am going to discuss numerous topics of important significance in the upcoming months. And, indeed, today's topic upon The Political Concept of: " Divide And Conquer " - is one of the most spiritually relevant to America, in all of its various particulars.

" Bye Bye, American Pie.... "
After all, in no other nation upon earth has the citizenry been more: Splintered [ through carefully manufactured media events ] , Divided [ by the very people who were elected to unite them ], Fractured [ by those forces set into play over time ] and ( indeed ) Marginalized [ as each newer special interest group, becomes increasingly and therefore now functionally irrelevant ].

In fact, by this point, The America Covenant Of Brotherhood - which is actually referenced in Amos Chapter 1 [ Verses 9 Through 10 ] - has already been long ago forgotten; as if it were just any other unnecessary relic of our own past.

And: " They Set Their Nest Among The Stars "....
And, as A Once Far Too Proud And Forward Thinking Nation -that ( even ) Reached Outward To The Moon - slowly succumbs to those irresistible forces of its own foolish devising, I cannot help but notice That Prophecy Of Obadiah; which also ( quite clearly ) references, Those Very Same Latter Day Descendants Of Edom Then Living Within That Very Same Covenant Of Brotherhood And The Familial Confederation That More Fully Comprises It.

But, of course, I most certainly digress... since, the subject at hand is indeed ( actually ) The Devil's Own Strategy of: " Divide And Conquer "....

According to Wikipedia.com, the concept of Divide And Conquer refers to:
" Divide and Rule (or, Divide And Conquer, from the Latin DÄ«vide Et Impera) in politics and sociology is gaining and maintaining power by breaking up larger concentrations of power into pieces that individually have less power than the one implementing the strategy.
The concept refers to a carefully: pre-planned, cleverly devised, and covert strategy - that breaks up existing power structures; and that especially prevents smaller power groups from linking up; through causing rivalries and fomenting discord among all of those other people. "

Who ( really ) is that: " Running Yet Again "?
Now, lets just see what That Politically Incorrect stand up comedian George Denis Patrick Carlin [ which means: " The Worker Upon Earth Is: The Lord Of Knowledge Or That Ancient And Noble One - And, My Own Small Champion " ] has to say upon this fairly simple subject....

America In Prophecy

Divide And Conquer
( 1992by: George Denis Patrick Carlin.
" The Worker Upon Earth Is: The Lord Of Knowledge Or That Ancient And Noble One - And, My Own Small Champion! "

Saturday, October 21, 2017

The 23rd Psalm is more than it appears... and, in point of fact, It Has Always Been An End Time Prophecy!

The 23rd Psalm - is, indeed, very comforting....
While a great many people have taken a modicum of comfort, over all of those intermittent years, in the pastoral images presented by The 23rd Psalm; and thus a significant number of them have very frequently memorized it; Psalm 23 Has Always Been Far More Than It Seems.

In fact, dear brothers and sisters: ' The 23rd Psalm Is Actually An End Time Prophecy '... and, whether you now comprehend it or not, Could Just Save Your Own Life From What's Most-Assuredly Now Coming!

Now, why don't we take the time, simply to read it?
" The Lord [ The True Titleholder And/Or Landowner Who Owns Absolutely  Everything ] is My Shepherd [ He who guides me from pasture to pasture ]I shall not want [ And there is, indeed, nothing that can be hidden from me ].

He makes me to lie down in Green Pastures
He leads me beside The Still Waters; and He restores my soul. He leads me in The Path(s) Of Righteousness [ for, indeed, there has always been more than one ] for His Own Name’s Sake [ Oh Yes... God, Indeed, Has A Very Specific And Personal Name ]

You Prepare A Table Before Me In The Presence Of My Enemies [ which they, themselves, cannot ( quite truthfully ) perceive ]You Anoint My Head With Oil [ that my own eyes might now finally be opened ]; and My Own Cup Runs Over [ since, I now may see, what even many of those prophets had not ].

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I will dwell in the house of The Lord
forever. " - Psalm 23.
{ ***NOTE: For those of you who might somehow be unaware, ' The Green Writing In Brackets Is My Own Running Commentary '... and, may often include: Another Scriptural Reference, A Dictionary Definition, or ( just ) Common Sense Understanding. You see, I've never honestly understood the logic of constantly switching from The Top to The Bottom of a page.... }

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Wake Up... I need your help, folks!

The All-Seeing Eye ( often ) Perceives Everything.
Back in 2014, I made the decision to begin transferring All Of Those Prophetical Allegories to another blog entitled: " The All-Seeing Eye " - so that, I could return the focus of America In Prophecy back to it's own roots of A Proper Scriptural & Prophetical Understanding, as based upon all of those interesting scriptures themselves.

And yet, what I didn't foresee is that this particular blog would finally gain so much traction; while the new one wouldn't ( actually ) be discovered by anyone for years. After all, one would think with such a vibrant and successful following upon the one site, there would most certainly be a great deal of spillover traffic. Alas, that wasn't the case. And, in fact, very few of you have now made the transition!

America In Prophecy is about Our Upcoming Events.
Meanwhile, of course, ' The Research And Study That Went Into My New Site Has Led To Greater Scriptural Understanding That Needs To Go Up Upon This Site '... where, I dare not change anything; since, at least, it is now getting read. Thus, we are stuck in a classic case of: " Catch-22 "....

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Overpopulation And Economic Scarcity - A Common Sense Understanding

Question: " What Is The Truth About Over Population And Economic Scarcity? "

It seems, that, ' We hear something, every single day, from the mainstream media about Our Own Overpopulation and Economic Scarcity '... and, indeed, every single negative thing that is has been currently happening ( in some, often twisted way ) is quite logically attributed to it.

After all, we have been repeatedly told, It's All Just The Very Same Cause And Effect!
  • When all of those prices go up, It Is Our Demand Outstripping The Supply...
  • While wages stay flat, There Are Far Too Many People Now Looking For Jobs...
  • As those monopolies consolidate further, The Competition Is Suddenly Too Great...
  • If the weather gets too extreme, Humans Have Now Caused It With Carbon...
  • And, when those governments are broke, The Citizens Are Now Demanding Too Much...

- In fact, according to the main stream media, It Is All Very Simple Really....

Meanwhile, of course, ' In Order To Promote This Human Time Bomb Scenario We Must Completely Ignore An Entire Mountain Of Information Quite Honestly To The Contrary '... and indeed, whether you know it or not, That Is Exactly What They've Been ( Truthfully ) Doing.

Friday, October 28, 2016

The Bible says: " Blessed Are The Meek; For They Shall Inherit The Earth "... but, in all honesty, who really are they; and why should we care?

Yahshua said: " Blessed Are The Meek... "
In Mathew Chapter 5, we can ( quite honestly ) read: " Blessed Are The Meek; For They Shall Inherit The Earth! "... but, considering our own current theological teaching: ' What Future Event Can This Simple Quotation Actually Refer To '?

After all, our own current teachings say that: " All Of The Good Ones Are Now Going Up Into Heaven " and ( indeed ) " The Secret Rapture Shall Soon Require The Rest Of Us To Be There "... in fact, The Current Majority Of Us have never even truthfully considered how such An Obviously False Statement can honestly fit within The Overall Framework Of Scripture.

The Meek aren't ( actually ): " Apathetic "!
The Real Question that you should be ( quite honestly ) asking yourselves is: " Who Really Are The Meek? "... since, they are the ones whom we should really want to be listed among!

Now, according to Vocabulary.com:
" The adjective Meek describes a person who is willing to go along with whatever other people want to do; like a meek classmate who won't speak up, even when he or she is being treated unfairly. "
And, in fact, we can find numerous modern dictionary references that include all of the following negative adjectives:
" AcquiescentSubmissive, DocileSpineless, Resigned, Timid, ShrinkingNon-AssertiveFearfulWeakCoweringSnivelingGutless, Wretched, Spiritless, and ( even ) Pitiful "

Egghead Junior says: " Those Figures Don't Lie ".
Meanwhile, of course, ' The Bible Presented The Man Moses As Its Own Primary Example Upon Defining That One Single Word '... and, whether you believe it or not, in Numbers Chapter 3 we can very honestly read:
 Now, The Man Moses was very Meek [ Whatever That Word Actually Does Mean ]; more than all of the other people who were then living upon the face of the earth. "
- and, indeed, The Man Who Led Israel Out Of Egypt Was ( Quite Truthfully ) None Of Those Former Things!

In fact, had he been any of those things, then the entire story would have actually turned out quite differently....

Just One Man: " Holds All Of Those Keys "!
Now, isn't that honestly interesting... because, according to all of that scripture: " It Is Actually A People Very Like Unto Moses, Himself, Who Shall One Day Inherit The Earth "....

In fact, I'm Just Saying... " You Had Better Begin To Finally Wake Up "!

Because, whether you want to believe it or not, A Judgement Day Is Coming....

Ahava and Shalom.

May Yahweh's Own: Love and Peace - be, continually, upon you!